Thursday, September 13, 2012

Saving Nasturtium Seed

Nasturtium is a very easy to grow flower, and is edible. The flowers have a peppery taste to add to salads.

The flowers produce abundant seeds that are very easy to pick, dry, and save for the next year. I have had good luck with seeds that are 3 years old.

This photo shows both green newly picked seed and dried seed. The way that I do it is to pick the seed when green and on the vine. I put them in a shallow pan that has a paper towel on the bottom. I put the pan on top of my upright freezer, and just let them dry. I store the dry seed in glass jars indoors. All of you that have purchased seed every year, try this and save $$. You also will be able to plant many seeds, and still have some to give away. I also save sunflower seeds for the same reason. Tis the season to collect seed. A good thing!