Saturday, January 24, 2015

No Luck!

Ugh, after all my plans to get the campsite that I didn't happen. At precisely 7:00:03 I was too late. Is there an app to snipe this website? There must be...........

Friday, January 23, 2015

How to Reserve a Campsite for July 2015

I am having trouble reserving a campground site for 6 months from now...July 2015. The first thing that you should know is the website goes live online at 7am PST.  Well, that said....I set my alarm to get up in time. By the time I got on the website at 7:03 am the site #30 was booked for the same date I wanted it...and for 14 days thereafter. The other acceptable sites were also booked, but only for 4 days. Now I am waiting again for Saturday at 7am, to try again for a different but good campsite. Tonight I again set the alarm, and get my computer online before 7 and with any luck...I will get campsite #28. Wish me luck!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Chocolate! The Best Mix!

I think that I am a typical woman, and I know that most of us love Chocolate! Right? I always have a box of this on hand for the cravings that come to me. This mix is delicious! Oh My! The mix is so much better and easier to make than a scratch recipe. I bake these to take to potluck dinners with my Camptown Girls group. Everyone has one, or two. In fact, I make 2 boxes for the women, wrapped up carefully to stay fresh. I never have any left.  So, I give these my blessing for a good chocolate fix.... or bake them to share.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Vintage Tablecloth Love

from Pinterest

I have this serious problem with vintage fabric, and tablecloths is the worst one of all. Seriously girlfriends, I am totally in love with great mid-century screen printed, and made in the USA tablecloths. This week I found several at the local thrift store. I stopped by on Thursday, early afternoon, just as they were putting out the new stuff. The hunt is on...and checking out the carts and racks before the stuff is put out is where the great stuff is...before anyone else has had a chance!  So, OK, there is this cart with fabric wrapped around 2 long cardboard rolls, hum, what is this? I pick one up and unroll it a little.........hum, looks like vintage fabric, it is hemmed, strange enough...I completely removed it..........and...........a vintage tablecloth, and there is another cardboard roll. The same thing..............only there are several tablecloths on the roll.  I think that I have found several tablecloths, still new on the roll. Of course, with my addiction, I have to purchase them.  When I get outside to my car, I take a minute to fully look at them. There are 4 total. All were unique, and each mainly floral. Not new, as the tags were tattered. The fabric was in great shape, good color, no holes, rips, and a few spots.  I have chanced upon another woman's collection, lovingly cared for by putting them on the cardboard rolls. This method keeps the fabric from having fold lines, were deterioration occurs. I put them on display with others, in the kitchen area, to enjoy for a while.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Do More of What Makes You Happy

Brave Girl
Give yourself some credit today, beloved soul. You did an amazing job.....even if no one saw it. Even if your bravest moments were spent alone....give yourself some credit. You made it through another year. You are a phenomenal woman.

Be good to you as we begin this year. Be merciful, kind and appreciative to yourself. You have been through so much. You are a warrior for all things good. You are worthy. You are so very brave.

Everything is going to work out.
You are so very loved.

from Brave Girls Club

I, myself, have adopted my personal guiding principle for my life. To be Kind, Gentle, and Loving to myself. I created this small phrase for myself, and have lived it for the past few years, and have found that it is a guiding light for me. When my life has gone awry and I am feeling badly....I remember my personal oath, Kind, Gentle and Loving. I also leave home for a few days retreat if possible. I treat myself very well, and I choose to care for myself.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy Socks

I accidentally became aware of Happy Socks, a company in Sweden, that creates these unisex socks, that are sold in 72 countries. I have to thank the shoe store DSW for this serendipitous meeting. I have a customer account with DSW when I purchased some shoes. The great thing is that DSW continues to send me postcards for $5 and $10 off any purchase....and that is a good thing. I definitely go to the local store when the postcards come in the mail. I have recently purchased 6 pair of Happy Socks that were on clearance, with the postcards.....yes, for about a total of $2.50 for all the socks. Yes, the colors are extreme, happy and out of the ordinary for most Americans. I wear boots all winter and these are great for me. I am no longer wearing plain old black socks all the time! These make me smile every time I put them on my feet.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome 2015

I have been at home for most of the last several days. I find that I am missing my thrift stores and hope to be able to visit them next week. Meanwhile, I am sitting by the fire, and reading. My wish for the new year is to continue on my path, and to have many enjoyable days, to be happy with my blessings. Love my life.