Tuesday, June 19, 2018

2018 Hay Is In The Barn!

I managed to "pull the Rabbit out of the Hat" today! I knew that today was going to be the test for us.  I called my hubby's hunting buddies and they came to help. You know who didn't want me to, and he didn't know until they came about noon. Surprise....and they were happy to help us for about 3 hours. The hay equipment worked very well this year. At about 3 pm, we were finished...with about 550 bales of hay in the barn. Freedom at last, I will finally be able to take Prairie Flower, my vintage trailer, camping for a few days!! :)

Hay season is a trying time for me. The man's anxiety is out of control. He seems to think that I have mind reading powers. I have to sit him down and ask him pointed questions so we can combine our talents to get the project done. I find it so difficult to be with him, I wish that I could just leave home...so he could do all the logistics.

Today, he was close to losing control....he had every bad situation and outcome determined in his little anxiety ridden mind. All I can do is stay calm, talk him down, and figure out a plan.

Friday, June 15, 2018

2018 Hay Season

Today, we start the 2018 Hay Season in earnest. 2 Fields on this farm are cut, and laying on the ground to cure (dry). In a few days there will be about 500 bales of hay to put in this barn. The bales are light...about 40 lbs each.

My huge problem is finding some willing teens to work (for cash) for us. We just need help for 2 days, and pay a good wage. It is just amazing that, although we live in a rural area with a small town nearby.....no Teens are wanting to get a job. We are about the become desperate.

One big problem that I have is with my Hubby's friends. They are very willing and happy to take his hospitality to go on his hunting trips....with hubby doing all the camp cooking...for about 4 weeks a year. These friends all disappear when he needs help for 2 days. They have every kind of excuse you can imagine, need a hair cut, toenails are bad, boots are worn out, going fishing, allergies, dental, physical, stress, hangnail, stomach ache, gas, heartburn, old man crap, got to go somewhere.... etc... you know it really irritates me. The BUMS.

The only good thing about this year is..... that I finally put a stop to taking on someone Else's hay. That work last year was a true killer for us. No More!