Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

We have an ongoing problem with Elk at our home. At times there are as many as 100 in the fields. This photo is of a smaller group that were here on the blue moon. Speaking of the Blue Moon, I understand that it is a rare occurance, the next one more than 20 years away.

We had a sad new years eve, one of our Dexter cows gave birth to a healthy full term bull calf that morning, however it somehow ended up in a large puddle of ice water, and become hypothermic, we found it, and gave it all kinds of care. It was too cold and died. Very sad for the newborn calf and its mother. Of course, we blame ourselves, not noticing signs of delivery....we would have put the mother cow into a sad.

The same day, I walked out on the cement patio, only to fall because of the ice. I twisted my knee, and are now recovering.

It has warmed up and melted all the snow and ice. That is very good.

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