Thursday, February 25, 2010

Collage Board

I am showing two photos of my collage board that is in my studio. I have several vintage family photos that I really love on the board. There are getting to be many vintage pieces of "Bling" jewelry that I have found here and there. The old jewelry is so much fun to wear, put it on a hat, scarf, and maybe a really cool apron. The top photo shows an old school picture on the left side, this photo is of me in the First Grade, late 1950's by the way. My mother, Tressa "Terry", is shown in the framed photo in the middle, she is about 20 yrs old in this photo. I just got this framed photo in 2009, after the disposal of my step-fathers estate. There were 3 of these, just enough for us kids. This is so special to me, a reminder of her that I didn't have before. She died in October 1996, and I still miss her very much.