Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Project ---- Chair Planters

Chair Planters....what a fun idea. A container garden pot with a twist. I am excited to do this. I went out and bought 3 chairs at the thrift store. The chairs have bad seats, made out of twisted rafia, so I got them form $2 each. These photos are not my creations, only my inspirations. The weather is going to warm up later this week, so I can paint, and make the "seat basket", and get the planting started. I really like to move things around during the summer, and this fits the bill. For spring I will use Violets, and Pansies. Summer will be heat lovers. I have a great deal of trouble with deer eating everything. I might use a herb that is not palatable, deer will avoid it. Chives? Nastursiums? HUM! These chairs could be a fun gift idea.