Friday, April 2, 2010

Elk on Farm at Night

The Elk! The Problem! The Meeting!
Can you see them? Only a few are in the photo there are many (200) more in this area. Oregon Dept of Fish and Wildlife had a public meeting about Elk Management. Something has to be done to get the herd much smaller. Many people, many ideas, many concerns. Suggestions like Wolves, birth control, trapping, etc. People who don't mind the elk, but really dislike the hunters. City people who are having their landscaping, and vegetable gardens destroyed. People who don't like guns. I just want the numbers reduced. These animals destroy our fences, and our pastures..and they can do it very quickly. Privately, the officials told us that they will have some kind of antler less hunt, for the private landowners, to enable us to reduce the elk numbers. They are required to have this meeting, to meet the obligations, before they can take action. What irked me most, was one of our neighbors, who said that no one should expect to raised cattle or hay in our area! This guy is crazy, and he has now made his neighbors unhappy with him. He should have kept his mouth shut. We are not telling him that he can not have his 6-8 mules, or that it is wrong to do. Other people complained over, and over about the people who want to hunt this herd. Well, most private landowners do not want anyone on their land. They will make exceptions for a few family and friends.

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