Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May Day Weekend

My first venture into the world of selling vintage stuff, and my own creations! This photo is of the shop owner, Deana, and her super cool pink truck that she is very proud of, "Betsy". She invited me to participate in the weekend sale. It was fun, I sold some stuff. I had visions of better sales....but not this time. I will try again during the summer to sell my collection of great vintage finds, out-of-town people would be a much better crowd. I packed everything into boxes, tagged, priced, and ready to go.....maybe Memorial Day weekend! This starts me on a path I envisioned for a few years, and maybe more. FUN!! I have 2 dozen yellow roses in a vase, they smell so is time to have more flowers. Tomorrow, hubby and I will own a new to us, 2006 Terry travel trailer. The new trailer will be a vacation cabin on wheels, since the idea of an actual cabin isn't likely to happen. Now, I need to tell him that I want one trip every year to the Oregon Coast! LOL Bye, Sharon

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