Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Convertible on the Bucket List

Beetle Convertible

Sebring Convertible
I spent 4 days with my Sis, Jane. We rode her horses...boy do I love her new one, Hoot. He is a nice Quarter Horse gelding....maybe I can borrow him sometime. Jane and I were talking about all kinds of things and I said that I really want a convertible car to play with (a toy so to speak), and she replied that she has always wished for one. Wow, now we a going to find one to purchase jointly and share. I am excited!! I really like the beetle, and she really likes the sebring. Well, it has to be in great condition, low miles, and under $10,000. Age is not a real consideration...meaning it doesn't have to be new for sure. Oh, Oh, Oh, I am smiling about it. We are both nearing 60, it is time to enjoy life while we can. You only live once. Bucket List....yeah.