Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Sale

How about these photos! I had a great time participating in the Somewhere in Time Sale. These photos are of my stuff for sale, and me in Deana's 1956 Dodge Pickup. Busy times, met people from all over the US. Made some $. Learned alot, and made a few mistakes, nothing much... It seems kind of strange what people are interested in. Look at the wine rack, that I purchased just to display my rolling pins on. Several people wanted to buy it, but when I told them that I wanted $15 for it (just a few dollars over my cost), they wanted to dicker the price down. And why are they wanting the display racks, etc? Just wondering......
On another note, I test drove 3 convertibles, and the VW isn't for me...too small. I am a tall person, and it didn't feel comfortable. But, there was this Mustang...it may be the one. I think hubby would like it also. It's really a great car.
Happy Birthday, Nicole!!! xxoo