Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend of Junkqueing

I Love Cameos
I had a fun weekend of searching for great stuff. It is unusual for me to find great stuff at low prices. First, there was a garage sale where a gal was selling a bunch of collectible and shabby chic stuff. 8am on Friday and I was the first person there, she was still setting up. I got a bunch of great stuff for $23. Wow. Then I moved onto the Methodist Church rummage sale, this sale is always great, they have a variety of things, and always at a very low price. I got a bunch of vintage sewing notions, buttons, etc for 5 cents each. An old silk California collectible scarf, 10 cents. Unbelievable right! I went to the Coburg Antique Fair on Sunday. Great weather, great sellers with a variety of old stuff. I purchased 4 Christmas Postcards, 2 enameled basins, a wonderful 1920's train case, a 54" long real pink pearl necklace, and an old sterling silver tall creamer that is a 1958 trophy.