Saturday, May 28, 2011

Brave Girls II, The Continuing Story

I will understand the unique awesomeness of who I am.

And the unique combination of what I have to offer in the world.

And what uniquely brings me joy, even if that makes me weird.

And what I really, really want out of my life, even if that makes me weird.

And the nonsense that I am willing to give up, for what I really want out of life.

I seem to be continuing my search for the answers to these and other ideas. I think that the answers change as I live life. Maybe the answers have more to do with the life stage, and age that I am experiencing. I know that sometimes letting go of ideas, and refocusing on my immediate path will be the honest, truth for me. 

I have learned that to be true to myself...I must be quiet and allow my brain to work subconsciously.....then I know. It may come to me in the morning as I awake, or maybe just slowly understand the answer.

To thyself be true, and bravely search.

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