Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sharing Brave Girls Daily Post

I find that I share this situation sometimes.

Have you ever found yourself saying, or even thinking, "I did not sign up for this!?"

Often we commit to something or someone, thinking that things will be one way, when somehow they end up being something else entirely. The gifts in this? They are MANY if we choose to see them instead of finding ourselves frustrated and resentful, or feeling like a switch-trick has been played on us.

Try to remind yourself that the good stuff of life is in the most unexpected places, and that there are millions of places in life that we don't even know about yet. With that fact in mind, know that there's no way we could get to the very best fruit if we stayed RIGHT where we could see it. Sometimes we have to climb through vines, climb to the tops of trees, and even visit new and unknown places to find the stuff that is best of us. How could we ever even plan for that if we don't know about it to begin with?

Even if it's hard, roll with it. Try to learn something new every day. Do your best. When you end up in a situation that you 'did not sign up for', think of it as an advanced course that your teacher decided you were ready for. Feel honored, and dig in and learn learn learn!

You are so smart, so capable, and you can totally do this. You can even do it with a smile on your face. And why would you want to do it any other way?

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