Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2011 Hay Season is OVER!

Today is the last day, July 6th.... and all the hay is cut, baled and in the barns. Hurrah!  We had no equipment breakdowns....a very good thing. Nice green grass hay, and normal crop too.  Now we officially start summer. My dear Hubby survived another stressful season, you see...he gets very worried and anxious over hay.  My biggest thank you to our good friend, David M, he brings a voice of reason and calm to my hubby.  Our other friend who willingly bucked bales, Bill D, and nephew Ben.....thank you so much.  Our hired hands, Logan, Jesse, and Jordan....thanks!

Oh, and someone just called...wanting to buy hay of course. Sorry...all gone.

Later this month...a day of torture to put up my sister's hay, about 700 bales. Ugh!