Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Some of My Favorite Things at Molly Mo's Show

I love to play dress up at fairs. These girls have cute outfits! Look at those silver bracelets!!

Check out the lace curtain or wall covering!

Lovely Cabinet with great treasures.

A dresser well worth taking home!

This little dog has a special bed, in the shade.

The garden is growing very well at Molly Mo's.

I had a fun time at the outdoor show at Molly Mo's.  The dealers have great ideas, that they show to all of us. Their booths are really creative, and their displays are eye candy! The small size of the event is especially special, the location in a small town is fun. It is relaxed and easy to enjoy. I guess that the crowds early in the morning are large...but by the afternoon there is still plenty to see, and enjoy. I missed some great buys, but, I was there for the experience. I was looking for an old English or French watering can...no luck on that.