Friday, September 9, 2011

I just want to have a quiet place.

OK, I admit it...this post is a rant about my noisy neighbor. I just need to tell the story. I live in the rural Oregon countryside. There are two neighbors that we can see from our home. This neighbor is downhill a little and his garage is right on the property line, about 2 city blocks from my bedroom.  He has this thing that makes me crazy sometimes....he leaves his garage door wide open and leaves a radio boom box blasting as loud as possible. Now, understand this is often 24 hours a day, for days on end (the last month).  We just gave the electric company a legal easement so they could bury a new underground line to his home. (This work was just completed a week ago.)

Alright, on with the story.  The noise is annoying and rude, frankly. My husband will not do anything about it, period. Hubby doesn't want me too either.

Well, last night, I couldn't get to sleep because of the blasted racket from the neighbors radio.  I lay awake....plotting how to take care of the problem. Now, I really wanted to take a large sledge hammer to the radio, set it on fire, run over it with a large truck, you get the idea...that would have felt just plain good...don't ya think?  It was 11:10 pm, and I was really mad about this ongoing problem. So...I thought that if I couldn't sleep...he wasn't going to either. I phoned him, and woke him up. I nicely asked that he turn off the offending radio, he said that he would...and he did.  It is still off.  Maybe he got the idea!  I will keep calling in the middle of the night if necessary. It will probably take several calls for the ignorant man to figure it out...and I am just the woman to do it. I am a Brave Girl, and I will ask for what is right.

BTW, his wife has told him that the radio is rude, and it probably bothers us. Just wondering, what would you do?

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  1. I think you handled that VERY nicely; although, the sledge hammer/fire/large truck would have been infinitely more satisfying! ;)


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