Friday, September 2, 2011

Review of Sisters on the Fly


I showed this book in a blog post a couple of weeks ago. I purchased a copy from my favorite online book seller. (  has very good prices and low shipping.)

I received the book on Monday, and I read it cover to cover that day. Then the next day I did it again. I also looked that all the photos several times too. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, I received a good idea of the fun that the group has.  The creative and wonderful ways that they each personalize their trailers. There is even a chapter on Dutch Oven Cooking with recipes...a real surprise for me.  There is a bigger surprise, I have been fixing up an old train case...that was in poor shape. Painting and decoupaging it with scrapbook papers, and vintage sewing trims. Guess what, they are doing the came thing! I expect that we will start seeing them at shops now. Well, it is a good idea..and fun to personalize! Start looking for your own to fix up, we will start a craze!

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  1. Did you recognize anyone from the MJF forums? I bet they are really having a great time! :)


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