Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Large Vintage Green Spongeware Bowl

I love old kitchenware, it is a passion that I have to restrain and keep the items that I purchase to certain categories.  There is a junk store in the small town of Harrisburg, Oregon that I rarely stop at.  The owner is a hoarder, and the business is so full of stuff, nothing priced, extremely unorganized, with limited trails, and no way to access the junk and good stuff. His hours are not regular, so I never know if it will be open.  Friday, I was passing through the town...and swung by to see if he was open. The shop was open, so I stopped for a short time with hubby. Hubby is always interested in looking is such a mess...but he does have old stuff that men like.  I was wandering around, and found this wonderful green spongeware bowl. It is very heavy and in great condition...a really big bowl that I will use for raising bread. OK, now to get a deal from the guy. I am always polite to him, never making any negative comments, never insulting him, and I ask him nicely about what his price would be. Well, $25, hum...will you take $20. No he I give him the bowl. (I don't need it and can live without it.) Then he says, OK $20 is fine. I own this vintage Robinson Ransbottom Roseville Ohio made 10" bowl.  I think that this is a fair price.  A pricey antiques shop in Portland would price it at $50-$60, in a beautiful staged arrangement.

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  1. Oh man! I LOVE the old, heavy spongeware bowls! I could have a serious problem collecting vintage mixing bowls! ;-)


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