Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lovely Fall Color and Lots of Work

I certainly am enjoying the fall colors all around, in a short period of time...10 days, everything is full of color. We are expecting a frost in a day or two, I better get those tomatoes covered. I have plenty of tomatoes on hand...and I am getting tired of canning them.  I have been making progress on my to do list of 34 items. Hurrah!  Tomorrow, it is time to make apple pie filling. My hubby is home and he will be assisting, BTW, he loves apple pie. We have much to do for that task. Buckets of apples to clean, remove bad spots, peel, slice, and make up into pie filling...then to process.  The final product is so good, and nice to have on hand.

Today, I spent 7 hours canning tomatoes, freezing chantrelle mushroom soup base, and making a chocolate zucchini cake (oh so good!). We had guests over for a casual spaghetti dinner, and to watch the University of Oregon beat Colorado, 45 to 2.

Hubby and our nephew made a trip to pick more mushrooms...and they came home with 3 large bags of Chantrelle Mushrooms. 

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  1. This surely is a busy time of year with all the food preservation tasks to be done but oh so worth it in the winter! :)


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