Thursday, December 15, 2011

Taking care of Myself

Today, I stay out of the kitchen. Hubby has to go to a dinner meeting tonight, so I have the day off (from cooking). I decided to say home and have a quiet day taking care of myself.  I took time to do my hair very nicely, and to give myself a manicure. Three weeks ago I purchased an O.P.I. nail lacquer (expensive $9), after reading that this product is superior. That it lasts without chipping...something I don't care for! OK...the test starts today...2 coats...hum....I wish that I had the topcoat. It went on well and dried quickly..I like that. I wear my nails short because they break and I am hard on them.


  1. Jeez, I can't remember the last time I had my nails painted! Between the baking, the goats and the garden, it just isn't practical. I used to get them done all the time, sigh!

  2. The color is amassing. What code is it?


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