Sunday, January 15, 2012

Artful Blogging

This snowy Sunday found me reading my Nook (e-reader) until the battery needed charging.  I picked up my new copy of Artful Blogging and read it cover to cover.  The magazine is expensive by my standards ($15.99), so I purchased it with a Joanne's 50% off coupon.  I am amazed by the beautiful blogs that are featured. These blogs feature photos that look professional. Many of these ladies have been published several I need not be surprised. I am inspired to improve my own blog.

I sometimes need new ideas to blog I think that I will use my point and shoot digital camera more.  I will walk around the farm and see if I can get some photos of the fresh snow. Tomorrow. 


  1. Gosh I didn't know that Joann's would let you use their coupon on magazines! I will have to check that out!! It is definitely inspiring. I am learning about not using the flash on my camera from other bloggers!

  2. There truly are some beautiful blogs out there. I know I have been inspired to improve my photography. Play with your camera, it's fun! :)


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