Friday, January 6, 2012

Piles of Magazines

Nice and Organized

Going away pile.

I am taking on the mountain of magazines I have been keeping.  That is a bit of exaggeration.  I have about 300+ pounds of surplus magazines. Some are really nice collections that I do not want to keep. I think that I somehow believe that the prices that I paid for these gems, somehow means that I need to justify by keeping them.  Well, now they are leaving my life and space. My decision is made. My addiction is still strong enough that there are some I am keeping, about 20 pounds worth.   

I am keeping with my plan of 1 hour of housekeeping, and 1 hour of getting rid of surplus stuff.

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  1. Good for you!! Are you donating them to the hospital or a women's shelter? Might make you feel a little better than just tossing them.


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