Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tree Swallows

Some of the Tree Swallows came back today. These small birds migrate from Central America each spring and spend about 6 months here. We have many bird houses around our property, and the houses are usually filled. However, many of the birds do not return now. The use of pesticides outside the USA is killing these birds when they are south. It is sad. We used to have up to 3000 birds come here each fall for migration, it was a sight to behold...all those birds sitting on the overhead lines and flying around. The singing is wonderful. We have found that the swallows love bird feathers for their nests. Hubby collected goose and turkey feathers from hunting, and we have fun putting out feathers for the swallows. They go into a singing frenzy, and dive in to pick up the choice feathers.  They help us so much by eating mosquito's, flies, and other insects.


  1. Birds are good to have around, it's nice that you guys encourage them to stay!


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