Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Visit to King Estate Winery

Wow, I had the most wonderful time today visiting King Estate Winery.  The photo shows the enormous buildings on top of a large hill. Styled after a French Villa, it is a most beautiful place. There are over 1000 acres, and vineyards covering much of the nearby area.  We had the best lunch, in a dining area with a real wood burning fireplace next to us. We each had a different entree and dessert. So good!!  Then we took a walk around the outdoor areas to enjoy the views, and see the wild turkeys among the vineyards. Next, we took a tour of the winery, and it was impressive. Then, we headed to the tasting room and enjoyed some samples. Of course the wine is excellent. The wine is available at Costco, if any of you want to try some. For more information see King Estate

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  1. I LOVE winery tours! We have several wineries here locally and they all produce pretty good wine! :)


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