Friday, April 27, 2012

African Daisy - A Deer Resistant Flower

I highly recommend African Daisy for a beautiful flower that deer do not eat. I have lived with ravenous deer for 14 summers...and have found that they will eat almost anything except herbs. I tried these on my patio...that is frequented by hungry deer, and I found that they might eat a small bite, and find the taste terrible...and leave them alone. I purchased some smallish plants yesterday, and will be growing them once again. They grow well into 12" plants, and will soon fill a container. There are many colors of flowers available.

I plant them into containers on the patio. I feed Miracle-Grow to keep them growing well with many, many, blooms. It is important to keep the flowers deadheaded. I understand that they will reseed in the SW...maybe become a problem for some growers. They are too tender to make it through an Oregon winter.

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  1. African Daisies are very pretty, I like the purple ones and the orange ones you posted! :)


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