Monday, May 28, 2012

Growing Basil

Long ago I purchased basil starts, not knowing that growing basil from seed is very easy. On Sunday, I transplanted my tiny basil starts into larger places to grow. I sow the seed in a 4" pot, there were around 100 starts. When the plants have two sets of leaves, I transplant about 10 plants into their own 4" pots. I cut out the smaller starts, and leave the stronger, larger plants. I have a small greenhouse to grow my starts in, but a sunny window will work well. I let the plants grow to about 6" tall and transplant again...into the garden or large patio pots. I have found that a second planting later will provide nice basil for most of the summer months. I love fresh basil, and it dries very nicely in the microwave for the rest of the year. As Martha would say, It is a good thing!


  1. You may prepare the "pesto" and freeze it in the mold for ice cubes. It's also great in soup with vegetables, as well as on pasta.

  2. Basil is a very good thing! :)


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