Sunday, July 15, 2012

To Follow Your Heart

Art by Mae Chevrette
This artist Mae Chevrette uses mixed media to create artwork with heart, quotes that inspire. This piece is a quote from Steve Jobs. 

Maybe some of you get committed to a path that is not right for you, and your heart knows it. Something, making a living, children, know there are many diversions. We don't follow our hearts, and there is a sense of regret at some time. For myself, I knew before I graduated with a Bachelor degree from the University...that I truly had made a mistake in my education. In my case, I did not want to spend another 3 years to graduate. I needed to be on my own, at that time. My decision was the right one for me, truly. Yes, I did not work in that occupation, Landscape Architect. I love growing things as my hobby, to satisfy my interests.

I have become almost everything I have wanted, and followed the paths that worked for me. I made decisions that were difficult, with my career. It is not an easy thing to have a career in a field, forestry, that is full of men. A few, brave women have done this...we supported each other and learned how to deal with so much. Some of my women cohorts climbed the ladder to great success, and I am proud to say I am their friend from long ago. There were women who left their careers to take another direction, and I am equally proud of their decisions. I think that women are able to follow their right path much better than men.