Friday, July 6, 2012

The Ultimate Craft Studio

This photo came from Pinterest...quite the space isn't it. My own studio is pretty crowded like this one. I am having trouble with my organization. My room is a bedroom, average sized with a nice large window facing north. The light is very nice, and when it is hot outside...this is the best room in the house. The problem is that I am having trouble finding things, and I just lose things all the time. Today, I took apart an old earring to use on a project...well, I put it down and left the room for 5 minutes....when I came back to finish it, I just could not find it. Frustrating! Upsetting! Then I start looking for it....well, you can imagine.  Maybe, it is in the garbage can? On the floor? Under something else? Ugh!!

update- I did find it the next day, under something on the floor. Who would guess!