Monday, August 6, 2012

The Girls are Tired!

Fun Idea!
The vintage sale "It's A Girl Thing" is dark yesterday with a thunder storm just starting. Deana and I survived the 3+ days. The weather changed dramatically from 87 to 104. I am not used to the heat, and I don't do well at that temperature. Deana does much better than me. Not many people stopped on the 104 day, sales where slow that day. We met some great people from out of the area. Overall...we did sell many things. I don't have many things for the sale...I did sell all the furniture! That is a good thing storage wise. All that I have left is 8 packed boxes, and a 1950 child's tricycle. I am now proclaiming that I am not purchasing things for resale, until Deana and I decide to take our show to other venues. However, a gal stopped by who is interested in my handmade soap, for her new shop. I might get a small display and try.  I put the wrong dates on my last post...I looked at July! Duh.