Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tough By Nature, artist Lynda Lanker

Lynda Lanker

Today, I visited the Jordan Schnitzer Art Museum, located on the University of Oregon campus. I thought that a quiet Sunday would be a good time, and I was right. School's out and campus is deserted (parking easy and free). I completely enjoyed the exhibit. They would not let me take any photos, so these are all from the Internet. This is the cover of the book that is for sale.

This is the exhibit room, as you enter this extremely large canvas is the focal point. It is breathtakingly beautiful.

I fell in love with this portrait, it is for sale for $650 unframed. Very lovely.

This young women wore this authentic dress, that is 6 generations in her family. It is beautiful!

The are many black and white portraits in the exhibit, I cannot show all of them. I like the expression on this woman's face, captured preciously.

She looks like there are many wonderful stories she can tell.

I love her chaps and the wonderful colors in this portrait.

I did not find a good rendering of this portrait on the Internet. It is kind of blurry. Not in is beautiful. This artwork is on a giant banner outside the museum...simply wonderful.