Monday, September 10, 2012

The Swallows Migrated

The swallows of 2012 have migrated. This yearly event is kinda sad for me. I welcome them back every spring, watch them use the nest boxes and raise many young birds. They help us by eating so many flying insects. Then many swallows come to our farm to flock together for migration. This morning there were about 3000 swallows all perched on the overhead power/phone lines. They were all facing east, and the cloud of birds fly together around the sky. It is simply amazing! Sometime later in the day, they leave in one large group...all heading toward Central America. Many of the birds die every year from the pesticides used some of the border. Less and less come back each spring. I know that the problem is unlikely to change. I just hope that enough return to nest every year.


  1. I also have a swallow's nest above the door. Every year, when they arrive, it is a joy. This year they had two broods: the first of five and the second of three little birds.

  2. What a sight that must be to see them all together!! :)


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