Friday, October 5, 2012

Drought in the Pacific NW... Oregon

I have been wondering about our long, dry, summer (yes it still is summer). Today, I checked out what the experts are saying about it. It is the driest summer since 1871, when records have been kept in Portland Oregon. We have had no rain at all since July 1st. The forecast is for another 10 days or so without any rain...there is a large high in the Pacific, that is not moving. Instead, the weather is going into Canada and back down into the plains. When fall finally comes I wonder what the records will be. We are feeding the winter hay to the cattle, and the wildlife are desperate for something green to eat.

This area's climate is rainy Pacific NW. We had a wet, wet, spring that lasted until July 1st. The yearly rain total is probably close to normal with the spring.

Wildfire danger is extreme, if one starts it is going to be a whopper. I hope not, I detest forest fires.

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  1. I hope there are NO fires up your way and I hope ya'll get some rain soon!


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