Monday, November 5, 2012

A Distant Music by B.J. Hoff

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I starting reading a novel today, A Distant Music, by B.J. Hoff. I was just a few pages into the novel and this prose caught my attention...I read it 4 times, savoring the beauty of the words. She is talking about the music of a silver flute.

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"The music was...a glory. A wondrous thing entirely. Sometimes it was like a graceful bird, winging up and over the clouds. Other times it was more like shiny coins tumbling out of an angel's knapsack. And sometimes--- and to Maggie these were the best times of all---it was like a happy waterfall, pouring down from heaven itself over the town" B.J. Hoff

These words paint a glorious picture in my mind's eye. May you enjoy this!