Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Little Off...and some snow

I had something strange happen to me yesterday. I drove by a friend's home in our small town. The place is vacant, empty, and sad looking. They (the couple) were renting, and he, it was going to happen sometime. I have known my friend for so long... since 1979. I am wondering...where are they? He was talking about taking to the road in their travel trailer.  I am finding myself, thrown off kilter a little. You can be certain that I will ask people, and find out what happened. Hum....and it snowed a little last night. Disappeared? Vanished? Sometimes when people in your life is almost like they never existed, when you never hear from them. I am still here is the same house, same address, phone and all. Then, one day you get a Christmas card, with their signature and an address from some strange place.