Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Little Off...and some snow

I had something strange happen to me yesterday. I drove by a friend's home in our small town. The place is vacant, empty, and sad looking. They (the couple) were renting, and he, it was going to happen sometime. I have known my friend for so long... since 1979. I am wondering...where are they? He was talking about taking to the road in their travel trailer.  I am finding myself, thrown off kilter a little. You can be certain that I will ask people, and find out what happened. Hum....and it snowed a little last night. Disappeared? Vanished? Sometimes when people in your life is almost like they never existed, when you never hear from them. I am still here is the same house, same address, phone and all. Then, one day you get a Christmas card, with their signature and an address from some strange place.  


  1. I think that is very unsettling... and I always wonder when something like that happens. You always think "Did they not want to stay in touch? Let me know where they were going?" It's very strange.

  2. With growing up in a Military Family, marrying a Serviceman and leading a Nomadic Lifestyle until our Senior Years I became accustomed to everyone coming and going from Life. But there is something so Special about Shared History isn't there? And one would Hope that if the relationship was cherished that it was mutual and it won't be as if they {or you} never existed and contact vanishes. But if it does... then I am reminded that anyone that can walk out of your Life was never tied to your Destiny anyway and just let them go. The relationship probably served it's Purpose in it's Time and there are many forms that relationships take, though there is a sense of loss when someone you care about leaves for whatever reason. Thanks for stopping by with encouraging words about my Blog Crisis... I feel Okay now that most of it worked out beneficially. I know Karen V., a Lovely Person and so Talented!

    Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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