Sunday, December 30, 2012

Three Years of Blogging

Yes, it is three years since I started my blog. I became High Prairie Farmgirl. I have transitioned the blog from very timidly inexperienced and kinda rinky-dink funky. I found that I had not enough experience to make it look as I envisioned. After one year of DIY, I hired a blog designer to create the custom look that I have now. There were no followers for quite a while, but that was OK with me...this blog was for myself. I am not running a business, and trying to sell anything. I just wanted to connect with other women who enjoy similar interests. Sometimes it is difficult to blog...then I put artwork or vintage postcards on the blog. I am honored that I have followers now, and that so many people enjoy visiting the blog. I am often surprised by the audience showing in the stats. I  think that time has flown by. Thank you so much my friends. 

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