Friday, January 11, 2013

Reclining Loveseat for My Sitting Room - Flower Power!

Wow, shockingly fun!

Like a flower garden!

Big Flowers!
Today, I took hubby to the furniture store. It is high time to fix up the man cave. We needed 2 recliners, large enough for a man and a dog to share one. He liked a deep maroon fabric in the large recliners, and a small table to put between them. The mission was accomplished....very good. These are made by a famous recliner company. I have been considering a new loveseat for my sitting area off the kitchen. I like this style, and both sides recline independently. I like bright colors in that area of my home (there are many bright, primary colors there). I am thinking of these patterns of floral fabric. The extra price is not worth I think that I like a dark red one...with some vibrant pillows. That is the more practical way to do it. BTW, the bottom photo shows my favorite one. Are you shocked? Are you too bored with tans, browns, etc?

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