Thursday, January 3, 2013

Vintage California Hand Prints Tablecloth

Photos from Ebay Listing
Sis and I went on a small junking trip yesterday, we only went to 2 stores. I purchased this great tablecloth at Goodwill for $3.50. I have a love of vintage textiles, especially vintage print tablecloths. I  like bright colored ones. This one has a tag on it still. It is a California Hand Print. The age is probably 1950's, guessing from the design. I did a little research online. It is said to be hard to find...I don't know...really. It has a few spots to be removed and a tiny hole along the edge. I will use it for the Dutch Oven cooking potlucks, to put on a picnic table. I love it get compliments on these fun vintage finds. 


  1. That will be perfect for your Dutch oven cookouts! :)

  2. I call my favorite escape, " Trunk Shopping. " I love walking into those shops that rent spaces to folks selling old vintage and antique treasures! I find a second and third trip around always lands my eyes on so many things I missed that first go-round. And, usually, that's when you find those really special surprises with such a great price!


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