Saturday, January 19, 2013

Wishing to go Glamping

I went to a home show today that featured Sisters on the Fly. Three gals had their vintage trailers on display and I was excited to see everything. I found out that there are many local gals that are active members and camp together several times each year. I also want to join the Farmgirls on the Loose, who do the same thing. I think that the community of like minded gals is a good thing for me.

The obstacle is a light trailer to use. Hubby and I own a large travel trailer - cabin on wheels. The trailer is large, very nice and heavy. It takes a large pickup to haul. BTW, hubby will not be separated from his Toyota Tundra. I want something light and just right for me. My SUV is outfitted with a towing package, so it has the capability. Hum...wish me luck. If you any of you are active members I would love to hear from you.