Saturday, February 2, 2013

Junking for 1950's BQQ Trays

I found one of these trays about 10-12 years ago. They are large, 19 inches across. There are 7 different designs, some round and some square. Very 1950's! I have mine on the wall beside the kitchen door. A magazine has a feature about these trays this month. I found another at Goodwill, for $2. It will be joining the other one on my wall.

My internet search had some interesting facts. The artist was Marcelline Stoyke, and her hubby was the model. Some sellers are listing these for up to $45. Crazy...I don't think they sell for that much. Very fun!


  1. What funky little trays-I've not seen them before but they
    just scream fun.

  2. I have that tray and love it! I had another yellow and black one and can't find it lol! I guess that's a sign I have too much in my storage!


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