Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Fireplace is Working

Finally, the fireplace wood stove insert is completed and we are using it. This is an actual photo of my home, the rough rock fireplace that is really rustic. The bottom of the insert is on a rock bench across the front of the fireplace, not on the floor. I want to have a custom mantel made to put above the rock vents. A friend is a professional carpenter, and we will ask him to craft it. A large rustic mantel that will look perfect in the lodge style living room. The rock goes higher than seen in this photo. I normally hang a large seasonally appropriate artificial wreath in the center.


  1. I LOVE the rustic look and that little rock shelf! A rustic mantle would complete it nicely.
    We are still just *talking* about a fireplace insert.

  2. That inset looks so nice-I hope it gives you plenty of heat. Love the rustic stone and would love to see a pic of one of the seasonal wreaths above it. My brother is a restoration finish carpenter and what art he does with wood. It's nice to have a friend who can do a mantle for you. You'll need the heat if you are getting the storm tonite.


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