Sunday, March 3, 2013

Taming the Marionberry Row Today

This is a photo of my Marionberry Row about June 1. Marionberry is a highbred berry, from three different berries. It is a product of Oregon State University in the 1950's. The fruit is excellent. The rows require work. One of the original berries used in the highbred is the native cascade blackberry. Thus, these canes need yearly work to keep them from overtaking a garden. All of these year old lush fruit bearing canes die during the winter, then they must be pruned out and the new canes (that are all over the place) must be put onto the trellis that I have here. The canes have very sharp thorns, and I use heavy leather gloves. Ouch! Even with leather gloves I always get some thorns thru them. Today, I wrestled, and pruned, and trellised the new canes. I usually do this work early after the snow is gone, on a nice day. I feel that a big job is accomplished when finished. YAY!