Sunday, April 14, 2013

New Dessert to Try


I was looking at pinterest and found this great looking recipe. It is a take off from one that Paula Deen makes (Gooey Butter Cake). A pretty sweet, simple, and yummy recipe. If you and your family like cheesecake...this is an easy option. I am thinking that I will make this in a dutch oven for the next potluck gathering. Here is the link to the blog that posted the pin. Kevin and Amanda  I want to make it right now, however, I think that I will wait until tomorrow. LOL!   Have fun.


  1. I saw that on Pinterest last week, and think I pinned it... it DOES look good!

  2. It certainly does look yummy! I have seen Paula make her gooey butter cake on TV and have thought about trying it.


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