Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sewing for Prairie Flower

I haven't blogged in several days...not much to write about in my life. I have a Sisters on the Fly event coming up in 3 weeks...and I wanted to complete some projects for my trailer. I completed a custom fabric comforter cover, a large pillow, and a very large zippered pillowcase type bag (made from heavy fabric that looks good with the comforter cover) for storing my sleeping bag. The reason for this is that there is very little area in the trailer to put many things. Thus, I will be able to hide the sleeping bag on the bed as a large bolster. I plan to make the bed with sheets and blankets. There may come a cold night when I need the sleeping bag. I am planning ahead for the off-season...and I am going to get the large storage bags where you vacumn out the air, and then I will keep my fabric items in the trailer with little concern for moisture, mice, insects,etc... I put my license plate frame on the reads High Prairie Farmgirl, and I purchased 2 custom mugs that feature a floral design with Prairie Flower on them. You can get all kinds of custom things from I found all kinds of small things at, and there is a store in Eugene...and of course, Ross (love that store). I promise that I will be posting photos of the decor!