Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hanger Covers

I posted about using vintage items to create fun hanger covers. I had 2 of these pillowcases that I purchased for 50 cents.  I also have several of the old wooden clothes hangers. It was raining very hard all last week, so I crafted quite a bit. I am putting these in Prairie Flower to use. The nice thing about the cotton covers is that your tops stay on the hangers and don't slide off like they do on plastic hangers.

I used an old embroidered and crocheted edge tablecloth as a cutter. It was in pretty bad shape, stains and hand work coming out. I used the best half to make a double faced window covering for the trailer. That means that the floral fabric faces to the inside of the trailer, and that the vintage tablecloth faces the exterior. It worked out well, and the sun will not be a fading problem on the interior.

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  1. I like the hangars and good re-use of the tablecloth too! :)


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