Monday, May 20, 2013

Havin' Fun with Sisters on the Fly in Petticoats

Having a vintage square dance petticoat is not required for Sisters on the Fly, but...some sisters have a collection. Some have 20+!!!  Anyway, I have been watching the thrift stores for petticoats. I have wanted one to hang in my studio for a long time.  I have seen them priced about $25 at some thrift stores. However, my fortune changed this week. The whole story is that I wanted a Krispy Kream Doughnut, when I was in Portland,  and saw a great big Salvation Army store across the parking lot. I had time to go there and check the store out. OK, great, and then I found out that a 1/2 price sale for everything in the store. Wow...I love that!  I regularly look at the women's slips for a petticoat. Well, I didn't see anything.............then my eye saw something underneath all the hanging items. You should have guessed, a lavender vintage petticoat!!! I grabbed it so fast, looked it over for condition, and the size.  It was meant to be, great condition and large enough for me! But wait....let me tell you the price....$6.99 and then 1/2 off, I got it for $3.50!!! OMG!

I have 2 long petticoats from my daughter's formal dresses hanging around here, I am going to remake one into a short style to wear under the lavender one. That will make a really full, fun, look for Sisters on the Fly occasions.