Monday, June 24, 2013

Glamping at Little Lava Lake

Oh, what a weekend. First off, Prairie Flower back lights were giving me fits, so I called my friends who have an auto repair shop....come on over they said, we'll take a look. After about 3 hours, I had new tail lights, but then we were 2 hours late leaving town. Now, we were leaving a day early (Thursday), to get good spots near the group camping area. Of course, by the time we arrived...each towing our own trailer.......the entire campground was full at 5 pm. The camp host was very nice to the two of us, opening an area for us to spend the night. He assisted in directing me backing into a very tight space, around two corners and between closely spaced trees. Here are a few photos.

South Sister, from Little Lava Lake

A Beautiful Full Moon, for the Summer Solstice

Early Morning Mist on Little Lava Lake
Boats on Elk Lake, Mt Bachelor in Background

One of the gals with her Teardrop Trailer and her two King Charles Spaniels

I am in the red clothing in these two photos. We are practicing the ukulele. The gal wearing purple is very good on the uke, we are learning from her. An impromptu class...per Se. I am using a good friends $$$$ custom made (one of a kind) ukulele. It is very nice...and plays very well. (I would not spend that much money. There are really exquisite ukulele's for under $1000.)

There were 12 women there, and 10 dogs. I think the dogs are not exactly a good thing...especially so many, but I understand that when a person is single, they need to bring along their pets. Many interesting ladies, many life stories...some really good, and some not so good. I enjoyed the conversation, however, at times too much.  When that happened, I took myself on a walk along the Deschutes River, or along the lake shore. One time I went on a drive for some fun. 

Six of the gals stayed in their back packing tents. It rained Saturday night, and they all got up early and left. I decided to pay dues and join the group, they having a camp out each month, until November. They camp at nice lakes in the Cascades in Central Oregon. 

4 of us stayed Sunday night, we were given 3 large freshly caught trout.
We decided to have a camping dinner party, and invited the camp host. It was a great evening, with good food, wine, conversation, and table (camping picnic table) was set with a nice tablecloth, flowers, and real dishes and goblets. A truly special time. Our campground host said that it was a rare treat.

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  1. These photos are gorgeous. Really love the one of your dogs! Makes me wanna go camping :)


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