Sunday, June 2, 2013

Prairie Flower - The May Campout III

 Again, this photo is from several months ago when I first purchased Prairie Flower. The refrigerator is electric only, bummer. I have to use ice blocks where there is no electricity. This is not original, there would have been an Ice Box. The problem is also that it is installed too close to the ceiling, and hits a light to the right of the photo. The ice box was originally below, and this area was a cabinet with shelves.

This photo is from May. The door to the refrigerator will not stay closed when towing, so I added an eyebolt and used a ribbon to keep it closed. A simple solution...but it works. The area under the refrigerator where the ice box was located has been changed to a small round 7 gallon hot water tank. I plan to remove the hot water tank, and convert the area to shelves. I think that I need a space for the portable fresh water coolers and other stuff as necessary. All I really know is that I do not want or need an old type hot water tank. I have removed all the plumbing to the tank... it was split, broken, and leaking.

I found a 1960's metal camping cooler, you know...the box style used when tent camping. I plan to make it into my dutch oven cooking supply box. Then, when I am going for a weekend when I will be cooking that style, I will have everything together. I will be able to store it outside..beside Prairie Flower.

I have having so much fun with the decor. I am still getting the odds and ends  needed. Such as...I need to get a small fire extinguisher, extra keys, an outdoor umbrella with stand, a small axe, and a folding shovel. I will be getting these items soon.

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  1. Hi Sharon, this is so exciting. I love reading what you are doing to your Prairie Flower. Hearing this type of info helps me to realize these trailers are far from perfect and it gives me insight for what I may need to know or do. As for your question, is it a Shasta?....don't know yet! OHIO is running info on it with S/N...will know soon! Blessings~~~Roxie


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