Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Prairie Flower - The May Campout IV

These are the last photos from May. The original painting in the top photo is signed Jean Holly. I found it in a Thrift Store in my small town. I think that it is very pretty, and worked with the flower theme. The small Paris flag was also a thrift find, so cute, I just had to have it for this spot. I have had the berry wreath tucked away for several years.  It just came together. I wake up every morning to that pretty painting!

The pretty floral 15" platter was purchased at Glory Days Antiques in Springfield Oregon. I am attempting to get a small collection of plates to use in Prairie Flower. I have several friends looking for them at Thrift Stores. I want to find the old ones that are European made. I have purchased 4 bowls of this kind, and have them to use in Prairie Flower. My plan is to have non-breakable and light items. I have mis-matched vintage silver cutlery, salt/pepper shakers and a few bud vases and bowls (thrift finds too). I find that fun and special. Some Sisters on the Fly stock their trailers with vintage china and good glassware, I respect them for their choices...but I don't want to break stuff all the time. The believe sign is a personal message for me. There is a small crafted sign that I made it says, Love Your Life.

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  1. Love these, and now have to go back and look at the others!


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