Saturday, June 8, 2013

This Gal had a Cute Little Shasta Compact Gifted to Her

I am green with envy. Just imagine someone giving you a vintage trailer, that has not been used in 15 years, and was stored in a barn. Yes, it needs a little bit of fixing (tires, bearing, battery, etc).....but still a bargin by anyones standard.  Here is a link to her blog Enjoy visiting her blog, she shares many photos.

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  1. Hi Sharon, I read this too!! What a blessed lady! I'm gonna go back and look at it again.....i'm on a roll! And I'm reading your other posts where I left off....been so busy and I need to get caught up on reading blogs! Thanks for the info on tickleberry farm and the biscuits......i'M GLAMPING on! p.s. You are a natural mentor....thanks! Blessings~~~~Roxie


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