Saturday, June 15, 2013

Two Words That We All Need

Two words... Thank You. Why do some people seem unable to utter them? The lack of support and thanks for the things that you do for another person is likely to create a difficult relationship, and maybe leading to disintegration of any interpersonal interaction. I know...............from personal experience.

A couple of hours ago I heard those two words said to me for a small task I did. I stopped dead in my tracks, I was stunned, completely. How long has it been since ___ said that to me. Certainly many months...fall...maybe longer than that.............I don't remember. I now have tears, while writing this. Why is this person...who is normally unkind, saying this. I don't believe my ears. I have built a protective wall to the words usually expelled at me.

This must be just a freaky accident...not a personality change. I think that everything will be back to normal around here tomorrow.

Thank you for listening to this post, it is directly from my heart.

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  1. I hope it wasn't just a fluke and that you hear many more Thank Yous from this person!


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